lose weight in time for your wedding
With a wedding coming up, you have unique concerns. You're on a time constraint, you have only one shot to make your goal, and with everything else pulling at your attention you can't afford sifting through fluff to find what works.

Get the raw information you need to make an informed decision of how you want to accomplish your goal. #NoFluff
bride weight loss essentials
  •  Setting Expectations
  • Tracking Progress
  •  Body Calculators & Formulas
  •  Diet Roadmap
  •  15 Tactics for Tackling Common Roadblocks
  •  Advanced Strategies the Week of Your Big Day
  Meet the Author:
Richa has coached brides who needed to get into shape for their wedding 1 month, 4 months and 6-12 months away.

Preparation is the pre-requisite to success. It's also the first point of failure for brides who are already juggling 100 things every day.

To get you past this risky point, she's created the Bride's Weight-Loss Toolkit - the tools and programs she's validated to be pivotal in her clients' success.